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The Monmouthshire Show Society has a long tradition of support amongst its membership and offers a warm welcome to new members.

The Society holds its Annual General Meeting in April each year which sees the election of the Show Management Committee and the appointment of Officers and Show President for the year.

Officers for the year April 2017 – April 2018 were appointed at the AGM held at Monmouth Rowing Club.

Patron – Mr John Jenkins

Show President 2017 – Mr Harold Johns

Chairman – Mr David Probert

Vice Chairman – Ms Ann Roderick

Treasurer – Mr Andrew James

Secretary – Mrs Elizabeth Egerton

Mr Harold Johns – President                                                        Mr David Probert – Chairman

2017 Committee

Mr Chris Ball

Mr John Biggs

Mr B K Spencer

Mr David Bowen

Mrs Rose Webb

Mr P E Cotton

Mr W A L Crump

Mr D E Evans

Mr D B Grove


Mrs N Smith

Mr Lyndon Edwards

Mr G R Morgan

Ms Ann Roderick

Mr David Probert

Mrs Jill Probert

Mr S Hart

Miss L Amos

Mr R Hoggins

Mrs C Ward

Ms J Savidge

Mr David Powell

Miss V Bull

C Cllr E Hacket-Pain

Mr D Oram

Mr Alan Powell

Mrs Lynne Elson

Mr Will Probert

Mrs Hilary Evans

Miss A MacDougall