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  • Stampede Stunt Co - Jousting 2016
  • Stampede Stunt Co - Jousting 2016

Main Ring Attractions for the 2018 show :-

Steve Colley Trials Bike Stunts –

 Scurry Driving

Against the clock, a pair of ponies pull a 4 -wheeled scurry carriage in a race through a course of 12 gates. As well as the driver there is a groom to help balance the carriage through the twists and the turns. The events are fast and furious.

Grand Parade

Without doubt the most spectacular event in the Main Ring – prize winning animals from the cattle, sheep, goat and horse sections come together in the Main Ring where Champions from each section are presented with their Trophies. Monmouthshire show has a well-deserved national reputation for a display of top class livestock and horse. Our Grand Parade is the envy of many shows around the country. Take your ringside seat early to ensure a good view!

Monmouthshire Hounds

We are always delighted to have the Monmouthshire Hunt Hounds in the Main Ring at Monmouthshire Show. Following the Parade everyone is invited into the ring to meet the hounds, horses and staff.