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Chairman's Charity 2023

The Monmouthshire Show Society are proud to support

Jamie's Farm

Jamie's Farm empowers disadvantaged children, at risk of social and academic exclusion, to change course at a crucial time in their lives towards a brighter and healthier future. Established in 2009 by Jamie Feilden, a London-based teacher and keen farmer, the charity celebrated working with its 12,000th young person this year. Our farm in Monmouth is a hive of activity, welcoming children from schools and organisations across the country. 


Jamie’s Farm combines Farming, Family and Therapy into a five-day residential, where small groups of 12 young people come to live and work on one of our rural livestock farms. All mobile phones and electronics are handed in, giving children the space and opportunity to reflect and discover what they are capable of. In a day, a child may muck out the pigs before breakfast, help harvest and cook lunch, chop logs for the fire and deliver a lamb before bedtime. The homely farm environments provide an escape from the challenges of normal life. A visit to Jamie’s Farm does not end when young people leave. We support schools and students when they return to embed the changes and achieve a greater long-term impact. 

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